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0002 (also Data Check and Log Check) - Disc used during the Wii's factory process to verify that factory setup was completed properly

121J - Disc used during the Wii's factory process to run tests

122E - Disc used during the Wii's factory process to install/run 0002 and install firmware/channels on the system

43DB - Database present in the Wii U version of the Wii System Menu, listing all titles which only support 4:3

9/14 - September 14, 2006 (the Wii System Menu was initially demonstrated on this date)

Acer Cloud Technology (also RouteFree, BroadOn, iGWare) - Company involved with iQue Player, iQue NetCard, iQue Box, Wii, DSi, 3DS, and Wii U system development

AiLive - Company involved with Nintendo game development

all.ini - File containing a list of tests to be ran during the Wii's factory process

ArtX - Company involved with GameCube system development

Arthur - Codename for the PowerPC 750

Arzest - Company involved with Nintendo game development

ASH - Nintendo file format

ATi - Company involved with GameCube and Wii system development

Bannerbomb - Wii homebrew exploit

Barking Lizards Technologies - Wii game developer

Bollywood - A version of the Wii's Hollywood chipset with a security revision

boot-IRD (also NDEV Menu, Devkit Boot Program, NDEV Boot Program) - Menu program used on Wii development units

boot0 - Wii's 1st stage bootloader, developed by ATi

boot1 - Wii's 2nd stage bootloader, developed by BroadOn

boot2 - Wii's 3rd stage bootloader, developed by BroadOn

Broadway - Wii's main processor

CAT-DEV - Wii U development unit

CAT-R - Wii U main test unit

CIA - 3DS archive format

Cafe Mario - Cafe in Nintendo of America headquarters

CLS - Content Licensing Server

Club Nintendo Wii Remote TV Controller - Japanese Club Nintendo prize

CodeWarrior IDE - IDE used by Nintendo

CrashMe - Bricker programs for the Nintendo DS

Cyberbike Magnetic Edition - Special controller for the Wii

DIAG - Testing suite for the GameCube

DVDFatal - Function used to display disc-related fatal error messages on the Wii

Dave - Unknown software used for GameCube game development

Denyu-sha - Company involved with Nintendo game development

DevMenu - Program used to install titles

Dev Tool - Series of prototype Wii Remotes

DigiPen Institute of Technology - University with connections to Nintendo

DiscUpdate Disc - Disc used to update the Wii

DiskCheck - Program used to check Wii disc images

DOL - Wii/GameCube app format

Dolphin - GameCube codename

Dolphin Development Hardware - GameCube development unit with internal hard drive

Dolphin Emulator - API layer used to build GameCube software for Windows

Dolphin SDK - GameCube software development kit

E3 2005 Revolution Case - Design of the prototype Wii initially shown at E3 2005

E3 2006 RVT-R Reader - RVT-R Reader using the E3 2005 Revolution Case

eFuse (also OTP) - One-time programmable non-volatile memory used for storing security data

EmuNand - A entire system menu and title list read from the SD Card

ES - DRM code

eSOL - Company involved with Nintendo game development

EXI - GameCube/Wii/Wii U expansion interface

Face Library - Mii library for game developers

Factor 5 - Game development studio

fail0verflow (also Team Twiizers) - Hacking group responsible for a lot of Wii exploits, including the Twilight Hack

Fun Center (also Starlight Fun Center) - Nintendo consoles in a kiosk intended for hospital use

GDEV - GameCube main development unit

GX - GameCube/Wii GPU

GameCube EXI-to-USB Adapter - GameCube debug adapter

GameDealDaily - Website formerly selling Wii repair discs

GameID - Software identifier code for Nintendo platforms

Gigaleak - Series of leaks from July 2020 containing internal Nintendo data & source code for multiple games, obtained from the Zammis Clark Breach

GyroPod - Motion controller concept

HW1 - Prototype GameCube hardware

HW2 - Final GameCube hardware

Hachihachi - Wii U DS Virtual Console emulator

Hollywood - Main Wii system chipset

IOP (also Starlet) - Wii/Wii U secondary CPU used for security and I/O

IOP-OS (also IOS) - Microkernel OS running on the IOP

iQiyi - Company that worked with Nintendo to sell Wii games in China for the NVIDIA Shield. Not to be confused with iQue, a completely different company.

iQue - Company handling Nintendo game distribution in China

iQue Box - Cancelled game console based on GameCube hardware for the Chinese market

iQue GBA - Chinese Game Boy Advance developed by iQue

iQue Player - Game console based on Nintendo 64 hardware for the Chinese market

Iris - Cancelled game console planned to succeed the Game Boy Advance

John Princen - An employee at BroadOn

JSys (also JSYSTEM) - Nintendo game development framework, used during GameCube/Wii era before NintendoWare existed

KPAD - Wii Remote high-level library

LC Font - Font technology used by Nintendo

LU64+ - Term used to refer to Wiis with the Bollywood chipset

Lingcod - Emulator used for the Chinese Wii games on the NVIDIA Shield

LiveMove - Game development middleware by AiLive

Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 - Keyboard advertised to work with the Wii

Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii - Wireless keyboard made specifically for the Wii

Lotcheck - Nintendo's software compliance testing process, also used to refer to a folder full of master ROMs for a specific Nintendo console

main.dol - The executable code of a Wii/GameCube game, found in it's filesystem

Maintenance Mode - Recovery mode on Nintendo consoles

MEM2 - External main memory on Wii/Wii U

MIOS - Mini IOS, the IOS that runs on a Wii when it's in GameCube mode

Mii Support Disc - Disc used to fix invalid Mii data

Minnow - Prototype GameCube system without graphics

Mobiclip - Company which developed video codecs used by Nintendo

Movie-Ch Install Disc - Disc used to install the Wii + Internet Channel

NAND - A type of chip that stores data

NandFiler - Application used to manage DSi NAND contents

NDEV - Wii main development unit

NG - Short for NNGC. Codename for the Wii development project at BroadOn.

NetCard - Cancelled iQue GBA/DS peripheral for the Chinese market

NintendoWare - Nintendo game development middleware, included with the Wii software development kit, replacing JSYSTEM

Nintendo DSi Classroom (also Nintendo DS Classroom, v1.4J_kst) - Software suite used to repurpose DS/DSi consoles for use in Japanese schools

Nintendo Dev Interface - Software used to download and manage Nintendo SDKs

Nintendo EPD - Nintendo's current main game development division

Nintendo European Research and Development (also NERD) - Nintendo software development group based in France

Nintendo PTD - Nintendo's current main system development division

Nintendo Zone Box - Hardware used to create Nintendo Zones

Nmenu - Program used to install titles on Wii

NNGC - Wii codename. Stands for "Nintendo NextGen Console". Sometimes abbreviated as "NG".

NR Reader - GameCube main test unit

NRS - Nintendo Release Server

NWC24Editor - Application used to manage WiiConnect24 data

OSGetConsoleType - Function used to get hardware type/revision on GameCube/Wii/Wii U

PAD - GameCube Controller library

Photo Dojo DX - 3DS tech demo based on the DSiWare game "Photo Dojo"

PPCHalt - Function used to stop program execution on GameCube/Wii/Wii U

Pre-Production Boards - Wii prototype boards

Pre-Repair Check Disc - Disc used to check Wii consoles for unauthorized software prior to a repair

Prototype Revolution SDK - Patch for the Dolphin SDK to add support for Wii Remote prototypes

publishwad - Python script used to create WAD files

Revolution - Wii codename

Revolution Arcade - Wii-based arcade game platform

RVL - Wii product code

RVL_DIAG - Testing suite for the Wii

RVL_EMU (also Revolution Emulator) - GameCube development hardware with additional hardware and software to emulate a Wii development environment

RVT-H Reader - Wii test unit with internal hard drive

RVT-R Disc - Recordable disc for Wii development units

RVT-R Reader - Wii main test unit

RVT-R Writer - Drive used to burn RVT-R Discs

RVL_SDK (also Revolution SDK) - Wii SDK

RVL_UJI_DIAG - Testing suite for the Wii, similar to RVL_DIAG with additional "Uji" programs

RVL_64 - Software for Wii systems with 64 MB of RAM (retail systems)

RVL_128 - Software for Wii systems with 128 MB of RAM (development systems, NDEV, etc)

SDK - Software development kit

serNoReg - Software used to register a Wii console's serial number during the factory process

setting.txt - File containing Wii console product information

Silicon Graphics (also SGI) - Company involved with Nintendo 64 system development

Startup Disc Menu - Program used to launch the Wii Startup Disc

SWUpdate - Software used to update Wii systems

sysdolphin - Game development middleware by HAL Laboratory

SystemUpdater - System update tools for Nintendo consoles

TCRF (The Cutting Room Floor) - MediaWiki website dedicated to unused/debug content in video games

TDEV (also Tiny Dev) - GameCube development unit similar to an NR Reader with additional debug functionality

THP - GameCube/Wii video format

testlog.txt - Log of tests ran on a Wii during the factory process

Trucha Bug - Bug in IOS's RSA signature verification code

TwlNmenu - Program used to install titles on DSi

uid.sys - File containing list of titles ran on a Wii console

vWii - Wii backwards compatibility mode on Wii U

Vanpool - Company involved in Nintendo game development

Versa - ARM development board

WAD - Wii app format

WK - Waikiki library

WKMC - Waikiki multi connect library

WPAD - Wii Remote low-level library

Waikiki - EXI-to-USB debug adapter used for Wii & Wii U system development

WarioWorld - Former Nintendo developer support website

Wei Yen - Engineer involved with Nintendo 64 and GameCube system development

WiiBrew - MediaWiki website dedicated to Wii hacking and homebrew

Wii Backup Disc - Disc used to transfer data between Wii consoles during the repair process

Wii Crusher - Disc which writes to the Wii EEPROM

Wii Menu Changer - Software used to install the retail Wii Menu on Wii development units

Wii Menu Uninstaller - Software used to install boot-IRD on Wii development units with the Wii Menu installed

Wii Startup Discs - Discs used to install software on Wii consoles

Wii U Developers Program - Discontinued Wii U game development initiative

Zammis Clark Breach - March 2018 infiltration of Nintendo servers performed by security researcher Zammis Clark, resulting in leaks

Zi Corporation - Company involved with Nintendo game development