DiscUpdate Disc

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DiscUpdate Disc
An image of the DiscUpdateDisc taken by NWPlayer123.
Disc Internal NameDiscUpdate Disc
Disc ID413E
Disc Release DateExact date unknown, somewhere around the release of Wii Menu 3.0U (August 6, 2007)
Disc Build DateUnknown
Disc ApploaderJuly 20, 2007 Apploader

The DiscUpdate Disc is a disc used at authorized Nintendo repair centres. It installs an update on a Wii console via the Wii System Menu's update mechanism, and verifies that the update has been installed using a special program ("boot-steve"). This disc was obtained and dumped by NWPlayer123 in late 2018.

While the disc does not have the autoboot value set in its ID, since it uses an update partition to install titles rather than an installer executable (like the Movie-Ch Install Disc and Wii Startup Disc), it can still function in the Wii Menu's recovery mode.

Later versions of the Wii System Menu block this disc by its ID, similarly to how the Wii Startup Disc ID is blocked. While the disc wouldn't have any purpose if inserted a second time after its first use, it's possible that it was blocked to avoid confusion or to encourage the disposal of the disc.

The only known version of this disc installs Wii Menu v3.0U; it's unknown if other version and region variants exist, although this is implied by the version and region being mentioned on the disc's label.


The disc was initially seen in an image posted online in the late 2000s showing it alongside the Movie-Ch Install Disc and Wii Backup Disc, then was later discovered to be for sale on GameDealDaily's website.