RVL Product Codes

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Note: In addition to the codes shown below, the following codes are used in certain places (development tool code, manuals, etc) to identify various Wii models separate from their official product codes:

  • RVL - Wii retail (RVL-001)
  • RVD - Unreleased Wii with DVD-Video playback

If a device has different regional versions (such as the Wii console or the AC adapter), a region specific identifier is put after the model number:

Japan America Europe Australia Korea Taiwan


Model Number Name Notes
RVL-001 Wii The original Wii with GameCube ports.
RVL-002 AC Adapter
RVL-003 Wii Remote Code includes the wired Wii Remote for use with development Wiis supporting wired Bluetooth
RVL-003(-01) Wii TV Remote Control Not actually used with the Wii console, hence the sub-code. Was a TV Remote that looked like a Wii Remote which was distributed to Club Nintendo members in Japan. Possibly related to the Wii's cut TV Remote feature in the system menu or the Japanese-only TV Guide channel.
RVL-004 Nunchuk
RVL-005 Classic Controller
RVL-005(-02) Classic Controller Pro
RVL-006 Game Disc Includes dual layer discs
RVL-007 Game Case
RVL-008 Originally was AV cable According to the July 2006 prerelease Wii manual retrieved from the FCC website, this product code was to be for the AV cable. However, the AV cable was moved to RVL-009, and this product code was ultimately unused.
RVL-009 AV Cable Comes default with Wiis. This slot was originally occupied by another, unknown, product, as stated above.
RVL-010 S-Video(S-VHS) Cable
RVL-011 Component AV Cable
RVL-012 D-terminal AV Cable Japan only
RVL-013 RGB SCART Cable PAL only
RVL-014 Wii Sensor Bar
RVL-015 USB 2.0 LAN Adapter
RVL-016 Sensor Bar Stand
RVL-017 Wii Console Stand
RVL-018 Wii Remote Wrist Strap MotionPlus Remotes have a different version that is more rounded and has the stub protruding.
RVL-019 Wii Stand Plate
RVL-020 512 MB SD Card
RVL-021 Wii Balance Board
RVL-022 Wii Remote Jacket
RVL-023 Wii Zapper
RVL-024 Wii Wheel
RVL-025 Wii Balance Board Feet
RVL-026 Wii MotionPlus
RVL-027 Wii MotionPlus Jacket
RVL-028 Unknown Unknown. Possibly the Wii Vitality Sensor.
RVL-029 Wii Speak Used for the Wii Speak Channel and with the SDK MIC library.
RVL-030 Wii Lens Cleaning Disc
RVL-031 Wii Lens Cleaning Fluid
RVL-032 Wii Lens Cleaning Pad
RVL-033 2 GB SD Card
RVL-034 Cleaning Cloth
RVL-035 Wii USB Memory
RVL-036 Wii Remote Plus
RVL-037 8 GB SD Card
RVL-038 16 GB SD Card
RVL-039 Wii Rechargeable Battery
RVL-040 Wii Remote Charging Cradle Was apparently unsafe and needed a revision
RVL-040(A) Wii Remote Charging Cradle Revision
RVL-041 Wii Remote Jacket with Cutouts
RVL-101 Wii Family Edition The Wii Family Edition is similar to the standard RVL-001 Wii, but has buttons reoriented for a horizontal position and does not include a stand, as well as lacking GameCube controller and memory card ports.
RVL-201 Wii Mini The Wii Mini is an extremely cut-down version of the Wii with no SD, Wifi, Ethernet, or GameCube support, as well as a custom system menu and a top-loading disc drive with a disc cover similar to the GameCube's disc drive. As of September 2019, the bluebomb exploit has made it possible to run homebrew.


Model Number Name Notes
RVT-001 NDEV 2.1
RVT-002 RVT-R Reader
RVT-003 Unknown (maybe RVT-R Writer)
RVT-004 RVT-R Disc
RVT-005 RVT-H Reader
RVT-006 MIDI Adapter