E3 2005 Revolution Case

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This is the prototype black Wii casing seen at E3 2005. It was notably later re-used for the E3 2006 RVT-R Reader, however it is not known if the casing was used besides product showings and the E3 RVT-R Reader, as a different white case with a Nintendo logo was used at GDC2006.


Besides black, this case was also to be shipped in the following colors, according to an E3 2005 promo image:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White

The white color was later adopted as the main color for the system, and the red one was used for a later special edition. The original black color itself was later used for the (infamously LU64+) black Wii.


The late Iwata holding the prototype.
Promotional image of the case.
The E3 2006 RVT-R Reader, which uses this case
Different color variations of the case.
Front and right side of the case.
Top view of the case, with its Gamecube covers open
A hand lifting the case, revealing the prototype vertical stand.