Forecast Channel

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The Forecast Channel is a Wii channel dedicated to the display of forecast information that is factory installed on the Wii. It does not have any notable unused content other than its 9/14 banner.

The Forecast Channel makes use of WiiConnect24 to receive weather updates. Its virtual Earth view was created with imagery provided by NASA. Now that Nintendo has discontinued the WiiConnect24 service, forecast data is provided by RiiConnect24. Weather data through RiiConnect24 is provided by AccuWeather.

Version Differences

JP region Forecast Channel
Europe region Forecast Channel

Due to cultural differences, the American and European versions of the Forecast Channel show different icons than that found on Japan region consoles. The Japanese icons are more cartoonish, while the America/Europe versions are more phototorealistic representations of various weather conditions.

The icons for all regions can be found in TPLWeather.tpl.LZ.

The Japan region defaults to a 7-day forecast, while other regions receive a 5-day forecast.


For more information about the regional differences, as well as some version-dependent error messages, see The Cutting Room Floor.