Movie-Ch Install Disc

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Movie-Ch Install Disc
An image of the Movie-Ch Install Disc from GameDealDaily
Disc Internal NameMovieCH Import Disc
Disc ID091E01 (unknown if other regional versions exist with different IDs)
Disc Release DateExact date unknown, 2008-2009 likely release period
Disc Build DateSome time after September 2008
Disc ApploaderOctober 3, 2007 apploader

The Movie-Ch Install Disc (internally known as the "MovieCH Import Disc") is a disc used in Nintendo repair centres in order to install the Wii + Internet Channel on Wiis. Since this channel started to be included with new consoles a few months into the Wii's production, but was never distributed via disc or online updates, it seems like the use of this disc became standard procedure to spread the channel to as many consoles as possible.

The disc was originally discovered by the community through an image posted online (which also showed the DiscUpdate Disc), and was soon revealed to be for sale on GameDealDaily. Several community members purchased copies of the disc, and eventually a full, clean 1:1 dump of the disc was obtained which is now in the Wii full-set.

The dumped disc is labelled as "Ver. A' and is USA region; the existence of other versions is unknown. While the disc has a banner, since it has the autoboot flag set in its ID, this would never normally be seen.

Disc information

Update partition

The disc contains a corrupted update partition (todo: confirm that there actually is a corrupted update partition, and that this isn't just a Dolphin bug), and a clean data partition containing the usual Wii disc files (apploader, FST, main.dol, etc.) and a files/ folder containing a viewer/ folder containing the WAD that the disc's main.dol installs.

Disc behavior

The disc checks the free NAND capacity and NAND integrity, then installs the HCGE.wad file in the "viewer" directory to the NAND; if installation is successful, it then launches the installed title. If installation is unsuccessful, one of the below error screens are displayed. "Viewer" is one of the internal names used for the Wii Menu, or for any title installed with the Wii Menu's ID (possibly meaning disc viewer or application viewer); this same convention of installing WADs from the "viewer" directory is also used by Nmenu. It's unknown why this name was chosen; it may be carried over from an application specifically intended to install a Wii Menu, or it could refer to a title with the Wii Menu's ID installing WADs from that folder.


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