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boot-IRD (also known as Devkit Boot Program/NDEV Boot Program) is the system menu present on NDEV units, RVT-R Reader units, and RVT-H Reader units, which are Wii development kits. It is used in place of the retail Wii System Menu, which can be installed on a development kit with Wii Menu Changer. Several versions of it exist. NDEV Menu 1.00 uses IOS3, NDEV Menu 1.02 uses IOS4 and was built around the same time as the Startup Disc Menu. It is based on the GameCube TDEV IPL. It is simplistic and serves only as a game launcher, basic settings menu, and savefile manager. It cannot launch NAND applications from NAND, only from the host PC.

Wii Menu Uninstaller is used on development kits to revert to the NDEV Menu from the retail Wii System Menu.


A fork of the TDEV boot-IRD was used as a E3 2006 "backup plan" according to files found in the wiidump.7z Gigaleak files. At boot it displays an image of a Wii prototype. The menu displays "Nintendo Revolution System Menu V.0.1".

A black TDEV GameCube with this menu was discovered by Forest of Illusion: