Wii Menu Changer

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The Wii Menu Changer is a disc that was distributed with Wii development kits to allow the installation of the retail Wii Menu on systems that only have the NDEV Menu installed. It allows the user to choose the version and region of the menu that they want to install, then it installs said menu in addition to the Mii Channel (for Mii testing), Wii Menu Uninstaller, and diskcheck.

Early versions of the Wii Menu Changer used the name "Wii Menu Install Disc". 2 "Wii Menu Install Disc" versions have been seen, version 1 and version 2; version 1 is notable for containing the only publicly available copies of Wii Menu 1.0 in Europe and Japan regional versions. The Wii Menu Install Disc version 1 is often confused with the Wii Startup Disc, even though the Wii Startup Disc serves a different purpose and is intended for retail units rather than development kits.