Prototype Revolution SDK

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The Prototype Revolution SDK refers to an SDK distributed by Nintendo from July 2005-circa March 2006, containing development materials for the Wii Remote (then known as the "Revolution Controller"). It was distributed to a small and exclusive set of third party developers as a separate package from the Dolphin SDK which it was applied on top of; every copy of the SDK was individually watermarked. One such copy has leaked as part of the Official Nintendo SDKs 2010 package circulating online.

See also Revolution SDK.


Header of a manual from the leaked SDK. Note "REVOLUTIoN" as in the E3 2005 logo

The leaked package (which is from November 2005, and targeted at Dev Tool Version 3 which is a Wii Remote prototype) contains the following:

  • A hardware overview of the Dev Tool V3 controller
  • A setup guide for the Dev Tool V3 controller (with GameCube development kits)

Each of the library folders contain their own readmes and PDF manuals; oddly, despite the manuals being in PDF format, an early version of revolution.css is included; this may indicate that HTML manuals were being used internally at this point, but PDF manuals were being released to developers (likely for better watermarking). The manual folders are also named "".