Barking Lizards Technologies

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Barking Lizards Technologies is a video game developer based in Richardson, Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area). They seem to have been responsible for the "Wii SDK 4.5 Plus More" SDK leak.

There are remnants left on their SVN that trace to their servers ( Additionally, there's a document in the SDK that describes how to set up your Wii Dev Kit, the "Barking Lizards" way. "Woof"... It's not clear if this was somehow scraped from their SVN repository or just leaked on the Internet by some disgruntled employee.

The only game they developed for the Wii was "The Naked Brothers Band", and published by THQ. An engine they used to create their games is called Whiptail. Notably and predictably, the game didn't get very good reviews.

Barking Lizards' office seems to not be used anymore, as a Google search for their address leads to a company called Sealco with the same address and suite. The CEO of Barking Lizards, Drew Fisher, still says he works there on his Linkedin, and the data would seem to be up to date as he has Linkedin Premium. Their website hasn't been updated since February 2011, as seen by checking the site's Last-Modified header.

From the viewpoint of one person, it was a terrible place to work at, since the only review for working at the company is on Glassdoor, and it is a 1 star review where an anonymous former employee is saying it's the "worst company [the employee has] seen". The reasons include that they used torrents to download cracked software (which would explain the leak), the CEO (Drew Fisher) carrying a taser in his office, and no lighting nor air conditioning/heating in the office.