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The TDEV (Tiny Dev) is a GameCube development unit released in 2003. It combines the functionality of an NR Reader with the debugging capabilities of a more advanced development kit like the GDEV to allow for full debugging and optical disc emulation within the form factor of a retail unit, alongside the ability to read NR Discs.

Hardware differences

The TDEV includes additional debugging ports on the bottom of the unit to allow for debugging and optical disc emulation. Otherwise, it is aesthetically almost identical to a retail GameCube. It features a brown case colouring to distinguish it from retail units and other development kits.

Unlike all other retail-form-factor GameCube units, the TDEV features an expanded 48MB of main memory. This memory expansion is usually only featured in full-form-factor development kits, but its inclusion in the TDEV allows for the TDEV to act as a fully featured development kit within the form factor of a retail unit.

Software differences

The TDEV features a unique IPL seen only on the TDEV, which has strong similarities to the Wii NDEV Menu.

The TDEV uses a suite of PC software for debugging and optical disc emulation.


The TDEV was notably distributed to many schools and other educational institutions for use in game development/computer science classes.