Photo Dojo DX

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Photo Dojo DX
The title screen itself.
Build dateJune 07 2010 10:31:41

Photo Dojo DX was a work-in-progress/tech demo created by Nintendo as a follow-up to their DSiWare game named Photo Dojo. The game was discovered on a Nintendo 3DS prototype only used by Nintendo.


The game was first revealed when a user by the name of Voodooween showed off a Nintendo 3DS "Demo Unit" from 2010 containing several prototypes and tech demos. One of those was listed as "Photo Dojo DX", as he could describe it as a 'fully playable but short demo, only 1 minute to be exact'.

He also noted that the Special Attack combo has been listed as "????" in the controls list, and that you can take photos both from the front and the back.

Although Voodooween planned a NAND dump of the entire unit, there has been trouble trying to obtain a dump, due to a hardmod still requiring you to softmod the console. There currently aren’t any exploits available for this prototype, so trying to dump the contents has been put on a hold.

Main differences

Photo Dojo DX offers a lot of new features, as if the game was reworked to be something else.

  • A photo from your face must be taken from 45 degrees instead of being 2D.
  • The game does not use your full body, rather only your face in an unfinished/placeholder suit.
  • You can now save up to 9 fighters instead of 8.
  • The Spin Kick, the Sweep the Wave Blast and the Chain Attack are new moves.
  • You cannot longer press Start to pause the game. You have to press Pause on the touch screen.


A placeholder title screen.
The option of taking a photo.
'The cat was from Google Images', said Voodooween.
The character itself, missing... half of its body?
The list of controls.