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The Broadway is the Wii's main CPU. It is a 32-bit PowerPC CPU based on the PowerPC 750CL. It is based on the GameCube Gekko CPU design, being almost identical other than an overclock and the addition of a few new features.

New features from Gekko

(following text copied from official document "Summary of changes to Gekko User's Manual to turn it into a Broadway User's Manual")

The major changes from Gekko to Broadway, covered in the UM are:

  • 1) L2 cache configurable for 32-B fetch mode, 64B-fetch mode or 128B-fetch mode
  • 2) Deeper pipelining on the 60x bus, programmable to max depth of 2, 3 or 4
  • 3) Number of BATs is increased from 4 to 8 each for I and D
  • 4) Addition of the HID4 register (SPRN = 1011) to control the new features.
  • 5) TAU functionality is eliminated (but the THRM1-3 regs remain)
  • 6) PLL configuration (processor-to-bus frequency ratio) expanded
  • 7) Several changes to the signal pins - DRTRY, TLBISYNC, PLL_CFG[4]
  • 8) Several Gekko errata are fixed on Broadway.
  • 9) The PVR is initially 0x00087100 on Broadway.


  • DD1.0
  • DD1.01
  • DD1.2
  • DD1.3
  • DD2.0 (final)

Source: clkspeed.dol in RVL_UJI_DIAG