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Picture of v1.4a, running on No$GBA
Found versionsv1.3a, v1.4, v1.4a
ROM Build Date2010-04-15 (v1.4a)

The SystemUpdater is a collection of SRL files that allow you to update an IS-TWL-DEBUGGER or DSi Panda. These were mainly used for development consoles, and they do not work on retail units.


The features for this cartridge are very simple. The cartridge contains updates for all regions (including China and Korea since v1.4) and they will be installed when selected. When a region has been selected, all the data will be deleted from the NAND and devsigned TAD's will be installed. Unlike regular TWL carts and exploits that do not have NAND access, this one does. If done correctly, the tickets, TWLCFG0.dat, TWLCFG1.dat and the system menu, with the bundled DSi applications have been installed. TwlNmenu and NandFiler are optional.

The cartridge can also detect if you're on a Panda or Debugger. If 16MB of memory is found, it will be listed as TWL CONSOLE (Panda, IS-TWL-CAPTURE). If 32MB of memory is found, it will be listed as IS_TWL_DEBUGGER.

Confirmed image of the cartridge. The same cartridge is used for TWL prototypes and other development applications.

Available versions

With the updater comes a HTML file for instructions and troubleshooting. On the bottom of the page is a changelog listed.



  • Holding SELECT and A at the same time when continuing an update skips the installation for TwlNmenu and NandFiler.
  • Instead of the version number being (eg.) v1.4E, it says v1.4E_dev, notifying you it has been updated using a SystemUpdater cartridge.
  • The dev-version cannot import or export .bin files from the system settings like a retail unit. It can only delete applications, therefore, TwlNmenu must be used.