Dolphin Development Hardware

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The Dolphin Development Hardware is a Dolphin (GameCube) development kit which contains a hard drive for storing and managing game builds, connected to a PC over a SCSI interface. The unit itself looks similar to a grey PC from the late 1990s. The optical disc emulation functionality of the unit is similar to other GameCube development kits like the GDEV, with its main distinguishing feature being the internal hard drive accessible via a PC.

The DDH was distributed starting in 1999, making it the oldest of the GameCube devkits (besides emulation platforms and internal platforms like the Arthur and Minnow). Some early DDH units distributed to third parties in 2000 used an "HW1_DRIP" hardware configuration, restricting the unit to 4MB of usable RAM and a small portion of the GameCube's normal clock speed.