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The CAT-DEV (Cafe Tool for Development) was the Wii U's main devkit.


  • CAT-DEV V1 (~late 2010 internal, early 2011 external, Latte A11/A12?) - similar appearance to NDEV, not bundled with DRC (externally at least), photos available
  • CAT-DEV V2 (~early-mid 2011, Latte A2X?) - bundled DRC, photos available
  • CAT-DEV V3 (July 2011, Latte A3X?) - transitioned from USB to Ethernet for host i/o, white casing, added internal hard disk, photos available
  • CAT-DEV V4 (?, Latte A4X?) - photos not available(?)
  • CAT-DEV MP1 (?, Latte A5X?) - photos not available(?)
  • CAT-DEV MP2 (final. Latte A5X) - beige casing, photos available

There are also Latte B1X CAT-DEVs (or at least IOSU has support for that configuration), but it's not clear if they were distributed externally or not.


The CAT-DEV EV (also known as the CAFE EV, EV board or just EV) was a variant of the CAT-DEV used internally at Nintendo. It probably had additional debug features similar to the NDEV1; socketed chips, JTAG connectors, external clock connectors, etc.

There's also an "EV_Y" variant which was introduced with Latte A5X/CAT-DEV MP2.