List of findings in leaked Nintendo data

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This is a list of notable findings from the data obtained in the Zammis Clark Breach and leaked online.

Source code


  • NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code (February 6, 2018 version) t210_t214_brom.7z\
  • NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code (May 23, 2018 version) t210_t214_brom.7z\
  • Game Boy Advance bootrom source code other.7z\agb_bootrom.7z\agb_bootrom
  • Game Boy Color bootrom source code other.7z\agb_bootrom.7z\cgb_bootrom
  • DS bootrom source code platinum.7z\ntr-bootrom.7z\ntr_bootrom
  • Wii Boot Process source code
    • boot0
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\old
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\boot0_010306
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\boot0_110905
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot0
    • boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot1.ddr
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1.ddr
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1\test_boot1\RCS
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1.diag
    • Wii boot2 source code unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot2
    • Source code for "boot1.n", the boot1 revision that patched BootMii unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1.n
    • Source code for "boot2.mfr" / "sd_boot", a custom boot2 used to run apps from SD at boot, which has been exploited to allow BootMii as boot2 on patched Wii consoles unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot2.mfr


These are the games that have had their full source code leaked in its entirety, with or without version control or revision history.

  • Super Mario Kart source code other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura\kart\mak.lzh
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #1
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #2 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\pokemon_dp
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #3 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\pm_dp_ose
  • Pokémon Emerald source code emeralds.7z\pm_eme_ose.7z
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon source code\git_program
  • Star Fox 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sf64
  • F-ZERO X source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\f0x
  • Animal Crossing source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\forest
  • Dr. Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\dm64
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\majora
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time source code #1 bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\ocarina
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time source code #2 bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\ocarina2
  • Star Fox source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox
  • Star Fox 2 source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox2
  • Yoshi's Island source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX source code other.7z\CGB.7z\AZL__ゼルダの伝説 夢を見る島DX
  • Super Mario Kart source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\MarioKart
  • F-Zero source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\FZERO
  • Super Mario All-Stars source code other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\srd13-SFCマリオコレクション\export\mario-z\linkp
  • Source code for Quake III netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\quake3

Games (partial)

Some games only have part of their source code data leaked, or have their source code leaked but some or most of it is pre-compiled machine code, not readable source code.

  • Partial Mario Kart 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\mk64
  • Partial Super Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sm64
  • Partial Super Mario 64 source code / assets (???) unsorted.7z\depot.tar\rf\sw\n64os20l\lib\BringupBoot\IPL4
  • Partial source code from the original NES Super Mario Bros other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\srd13-SFCマリオコレクション\export\mario-z\linkp\mario-n1\mn_hp_smenmy.asm
  • Partial F-Zero Maximum Velocity source code, with object code (.o files) netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\FZERO_for_GBA


  • Source code for a Korean font conversion tool for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\yama_work
  • Source code for a tool used to upload Virtual Console titles to the Wii Shop Channel 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\noriproj\vc
  • Source code for some obscure tool made by a Nintendo developer 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\noriproj\WallPaperPasswordMaker
  • Source code for a p2p/voice chat lib, maybe for voice chat on the Wii? netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\common\sdks\p2p
  • Pre-Repair Check Disc source code wiidump.7z\apps\pre_repairdisc\pre-repairdisc\RVLSDK\build\tests\checkForPreRepair\src
  • Wii Backup Disc source code wiidump.7z\apps\backupdisc\backupdisc\RVLSDK\build\tests\backupdisc\src
  • Source code for the DVD library for the Wii SDK unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\nintendo\di-dvd\DVD_src\build\libraries\dvd\src
  • Source code for DVDFatal unsorted.7z\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\nintendo\di-dvd\DVD_src\build\libraries\dvd\src\dvdFatal.c



  • g source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\forestDr. Mario 64 sourMultiple prototype builds of Yoshi's Island 2 other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド (日本_Ver0, 日本_Ver1, 日本_Ver2)
  • Several Super Mario Kart prototype builds other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura (located in "mak.lzh", "kart", "util" folders, most builds date back to 1991-1992)
  • "super_donkey" (prototype) other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド\ツール\donkey_test
  • "sleep_test" (prototype) other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド\ツール\sleep_test
  • Star Fox 2 prototype builds (several - extremely early, including the CES build)
    • other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\StarFox2\KAWAGOE
    • other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\StarFox2\SF2
    • other.7z\NEWS.7z\StarFox2\KAWAGOE
    • other.7z\NEWS.7z\StarFox2\SF2
  • Two F-Zero Maximum Velocity localization prototype builds
    • netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\FZERO_for_GBA\rasheen\rasheen_1.bin
    • netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\F-Zero-One\F-Zero.gba


  • Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite debug build other.7z\CGB.7z\B86__ハム太郎 2\Master\USA\ham2usa_020807
  • Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! May 12th, 2018 prerelease debug build\beluga.nsp
  • Pokémon Sword debug builds
    • develop_Develop_30_20171222164419
    • develop_Develop_264_20180326134219_Sword
    • develop_Develop_562_20180525204848_Sword


  • An entire master rom database for American and Japanese NES games other.7z\Famicom_NES.7z
  • Super Mario RPG master rom other.7z\SFC.7z\ROM\SuperMarioRPG
  • Star Fox 2 master rom other.7z\SFC.7z\ROM\StarFox2
  • Wii Startup Disc partition from CLS emeralds.7z\RVL-RAAE.7z\v0\RVL-RAAE-v0.prod_part
  • iQue Wii Startup Disc partition platinum.7z\20090512.rar\\main_cn41v2_2009-0508-1945.gcm
  • DS roms
    • Giant folder of DS roms from CLS sent by Nintendo to iQue, #1 from_Nintendo.rar\fro_Nintendo\20091105\5bpA-5ciA
    • Giant folder of DS roms from CLS sent by Nintendo to iQue, #2 generic.7z\DSiWareROM\DSi_Ware RO
    • Relatively extensive list of DS roms sent by Nintendo to iQue generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\G&W_New
    • Small folder of DS roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #1 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\一下下马力欧医生
    • Small folder of DS roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #2 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\照照瓦利殴制造
    • Small folder of DS roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #3 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\鸟和豆&纸飞机
  • Multiple copies of retail GBA roms in a folder where the iQue GBA source code is
    • Mario Kart Super Circuit, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit.gba
    • Mario Kart Super Circuit, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\MarioKart-SuperCircuit\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit.gba
    • Advance Wars, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\0095 - Advance Wars\0095 - Advance Wars.gba
    • Advance Wars, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Advance-War\0095 - Advance Wars.gba
    • Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Advance-War2\Advance-Wars2.gba
    • F-Zero GP Legend, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\F-Zero\1661 - F-Zero - GP Legend.gba
    • F-Zero GP Legend, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\F-Zero\F-Zero.gba
    • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Kirby-TheAmazingMirror\Kirby.gba



  • ng - Wii development unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot
  • gba - Game Boy Advance & Wii development netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline
  • bbgames - iQue Player game localization bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot
  • ios-releases - Wii, Wii IOS & iQue NetCard development ios-releases.tar.7z\ios-releases.tar


  • ATI's development repository for the Wii's Hollywood GPU, with Wii and GameCube related files from April 2003 to May 2006 emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306.7z
  • Nintendo's CVS development repository for Diamond/Pearl, with tools & other data 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo


  • MIDI files for sound effects and music in Pokémon Emerald emeralds.7z\pm_eme_ose.7z\snd_file
  • Luigi files found in Super Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sm64\shape\Player\Luigi
  • Wii IOS ARM toolchain patches netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\devroot\tools
  • "Online Store Demo", a Wii Shop Channel related tool netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\bw\build\tests\wiishop\resources
  • Super Mario World development assets other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_11.tar\NEWS_11\hino\z-mario-4
  • Yoshi's Cookie development assets other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_11.tar\NEWS_11\hino\z-mario-cookie
  • Many internal Nintendo email backups other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_02.tar\NEWS_02\usr01\uji\Mail (ROMs were found in the attachments)
  • Conversion tools for SNES "OBJ" files other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\watanabe\INDY\CONVERT\OBJ-DATA
  • "IRISGL" demo, meant to run on an SGI Indy other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\watanabe\INDY\GLTEST
  • SuperFX test programs from 1991 other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura\polygon.lzh\polygon\sample0\CHIPTEST.ROM, CHIPTEST15.ROM
  • Unencrypted "title blacklist" containing the homebrew titles that the Pre-Repair Check Disc checks for and deletes wiidump.7z\apps\pre_repairdisc\CheckForPreRepair_for_WUP\RVLSDK\build\tests\checkForPreRepair\white_blacklist\workspace\encryptlist\list\4.3CDE_fixed_EEPROM_issue\org\title_blacklist.txt
  • 32 different SD images to be used with sd_boot wiidump.7z\sdboot
  • SCad (SRD CAD), a program that Nintendo used to make sprites for games bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\marioAGB\graphic_data\srdcad