List of findings in leaked Nintendo data

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This is a list of notable findings from the data obtained in the Zammis Clark Breach and leaked online.

Source code


  • NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code (February 6, 2018 version) t210_t214_brom.7z\
  • NVIDIA Switch bootrom source code (May 23, 2018 version) t210_t214_brom.7z\
  • Game Boy Advance bootrom source code other.7z\agb_bootrom.7z\agb_bootrom
  • Game Boy Color bootrom source code other.7z\agb_bootrom.7z\cgb_bootrom
  • DS bootrom source code platinum.7z\ntr-bootrom.7z\ntr_bootrom
  • Wii Boot Process source code
    • boot0
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\old
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\boot0_010306
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot0\boot0_110905
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot0
    • boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\boot1.ddr
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1.ddr
      • emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306\052306\test\sys\arm\test_boot1\test_boot1\RCS
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1
      • unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1.diag
    • Wii boot2 source code unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot2
    • Wii hardware Verilog
    • Nintendo 64DD IPL source code unsorted.7z\depot.tar\rf\sw\n64os20l\lib\BringupBoot\IPL4>
    • Source code for "boot1.n", the boot1 revision that patched BootMii unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot1.n
    • Source code for "boot2.mfr" / "sd_boot", a custom boot2 used to run apps from SD at boot, which has been exploited to allow BootMii as boot2 on patched Wii consoles unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\rvl\boot\boot2.mfr


These are the games that have had their full source code leaked in its entirety, with or without version control or revision history.

  • Super Mario Kart source code other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura\kart\mak.lzh
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #1
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #2 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\pokemon_dp
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl source code #3 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\pm_dp_ose
  • Pokémon Emerald source code emeralds.7z\pm_eme_ose.7z
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon / Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon source code\git_program
  • Star Fox 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sf64
  • Dr. Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\dm64
  • Star Fox source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox
  • Star Fox 2 source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\StarFox2
  • Yoshi's Island source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX source code other.7z\CGB.7z\AZL__ゼルダの伝説 夢を見る島DX
  • Super Mario Kart source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\MarioKart
  • F-Zero source code other.7z\SFC.7z\SFC\ソースデータ\FZERO
  • Super Mario All-Stars source code other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\srd13-SFCマリオコレクション\export\mario-z\linkp
  • Mario Kart 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\mk64 (this was intended to be partial, but Nintendo accidentally included a complete source code archive, dated November 15, 1996)

Games (partial)

Some games only have part of their source code data leaked, or have their source code leaked but some or most of it is pre-compiled machine code, not readable source code (this was seemingly done for most of bbgames, perhaps for security reasons)

  • Partial Super Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sm64
  • Partial F-Zero Maximum Velocity source code, with object code (.o files) netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\FZERO_for_GBA
  • Partial The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\majora
  • Partial The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time source code #1 bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\ocarina
  • Partial The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time source code #2 bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\ocarina2
  • Partial F-ZERO X source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\f0x
  • Partial Animal Crossing source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\forest
  • Partial 1080 Snowboarding source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\1080
  • Partial (seemingly nearly complete?) Wario Land 4 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\wario4land_gba_ique
  • Partial Yoshi's Story source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\yoshi
  • Partial Wave Race 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\yoshi


  • Source code for a Korean font conversion tool for Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\pokemon\yama_work
  • Source code for a tool used to upload Virtual Console titles to the Wii Shop Channel 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\noriproj\vc
  • Source code for some obscure tool made by a Nintendo developer 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo\noriproj\WallPaperPasswordMaker
  • Source code for a p2p/voice chat lib, maybe for voice chat on the Wii? netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\common\sdks\p2p
  • Pre-Repair Check Disc source code wiidump.7z\apps\pre_repairdisc\pre-repairdisc\RVLSDK\build\tests\checkForPreRepair\src
  • Wii Backup Disc source code wiidump.7z\apps\backupdisc\backupdisc\RVLSDK\build\tests\backupdisc\src
  • Source code for the DVD library for the Wii SDK unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\nintendo\di-dvd\DVD_src\build\libraries\dvd\src
  • Source code for DVDFatal unsorted.7z\d1\routefree\ng\depot\sw\nintendo\di-dvd\DVD_src\build\libraries\dvd\src\dvdFatal.c



  • Animal Crossing source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\forest
  • Dr. Mario 64 source code
  • Multiple prototype builds of Yoshi's Island 2 other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド (日本_Ver0, 日本_Ver1, 日本_Ver2)
  • Several Super Mario Kart prototype builds other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura (located in "mak.lzh", "kart", "util" folders, most builds date back to 1991-1992)
  • "super_donkey" (prototype) other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド\ツール\donkey_test
  • "sleep_test" (prototype) other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\ヨッシーアイランド\ツール\sleep_test
  • Star Fox 2 prototype builds (several - extremely early, including the CES build)
    • other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\StarFox2\KAWAGOE
    • other.7z\SFC.7z\ソースデータ\StarFox2\SF2
    • other.7z\NEWS.7z\StarFox2\KAWAGOE
    • other.7z\NEWS.7z\StarFox2\SF2
  • Two F-Zero Maximum Velocity localization prototype builds
    • netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\FZERO_for_GBA\rasheen\rasheen_1.bin
    • netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\F-Zero-One\F-Zero.gba


  • Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite debug build other.7z\CGB.7z\B86__ハム太郎 2\Master\USA\ham2usa_020807
  • Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! May 12th, 2018 prerelease debug build\beluga.nsp
  • Pokémon Sword debug builds
    • develop_Develop_30_20171222164419
    • develop_Develop_264_20180326134219_Sword
    • develop_Develop_562_20180525204848_Sword


  • An entire master rom database for American and Japanese NES games other.7z\Famicom_NES.7z
  • Super Mario RPG master rom other.7z\SFC.7z\ROM\SuperMarioRPG
  • Star Fox 2 master rom other.7z\SFC.7z\ROM\StarFox2
  • Wii Startup Disc partition from CLS emeralds.7z\RVL-RAAE.7z\v0\RVL-RAAE-v0.prod_part
  • iQue Wii Startup Disc partition platinum.7z\20090512.rar\\main_cn41v2_2009-0508-1945.gcm
  • DSiWare roms
    • Folder of DSiWare roms from CLS sent by Nintendo to iQue, #1 from_Nintendo.rar\fro_Nintendo\20091105\5bpA-5ciA
    • Folder of DSiWare roms from CLS sent by Nintendo to iQue, #2 generic.7z\DSiWareROM\DSi_Ware RO
    • Folder of DSiWare roms sent by Nintendo to iQue generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\G&W_New
    • Small folder of DSiWare roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #1 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\一下下马力欧医生
    • Small folder of DSiWare roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #2 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\照照瓦利殴制造
    • Small folder of DSiWare roms sent by Nintendo to iQue, #3 generic.7z\ro\上市ROM备份\鸟和豆&纸飞机
  • Multiple copies of retail GBA roms in a folder where the iQue GBA source code is
    • Mario Kart Super Circuit, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit.gba
    • Mario Kart Super Circuit, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\MarioKart-SuperCircuit\0086 - Mario Kart - Super Circuit.gba
    • Advance Wars, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\0095 - Advance Wars\0095 - Advance Wars.gba
    • Advance Wars, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Advance-War\0095 - Advance Wars.gba
    • Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Advance-War2\Advance-Wars2.gba
    • F-Zero GP Legend, #1 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\F-Zero\1661 - F-Zero - GP Legend.gba
    • F-Zero GP Legend, #2 netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\F-Zero\F-Zero.gba
    • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror netcard.7z\iqgba.tar\iQue-GBA\cvsroot\rom\Kirby-TheAmazingMirror\Kirby.gba



  • ng - Wii development unsorted.7z\depotrvl.tar\d1\routefree\ng\depot
  • gba - Game Boy Advance & Wii development netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline
  • bbgames - iQue Player game localization bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot
  • ios-releases - Wii, Wii IOS & iQue NetCard development ios-releases.tar.7z\ios-releases.tar


  • ATI's development repository for the Wii's Hollywood GPU, with Wii and GameCube related files from April 2003 to May 2006 emeralds.7z\tako_main_052306.7z
  • Nintendo's CVS development repository for Diamond/Pearl, with tools & other data 20100713cvs_backup.tar.7z\usr\local\cvsrepo


  • MIDI files for sound effects and music in Pokémon Emerald emeralds.7z\pm_eme_ose.7z\snd_file
  • Luigi files found in Super Mario 64 source code bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\sm64\shape\Player\Luigi
  • Wii IOS ARM toolchain patches netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\devroot\tools
  • "Online Store Demo", a Wii Shop Channel related tool netcard.7z\gba.tar\depot-offline\sw\bw\build\tests\wiishop\resources
  • Super Mario World development assets other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_11.tar\NEWS_11\hino\z-mario-4
  • Yoshi's Cookie development assets other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_11.tar\NEWS_11\hino\z-mario-cookie
  • Many internal Nintendo email backups other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_02.tar\NEWS_02\usr01\uji\Mail (ROMs were found in the attachments)
  • Conversion tools for SNES "OBJ" files other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\watanabe\INDY\CONVERT\OBJ-DATA
  • "IRISGL" demo, meant to run on an SGI Indy other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\watanabe\INDY\GLTEST
  • SuperFX test programs from 1991 other.7z\NEWS.7z\テープリストア\NEWS_05.tar\NEWS_05\home\kimura\polygon.lzh\polygon\sample0\CHIPTEST.ROM, CHIPTEST15.ROM
  • Unencrypted "title blacklist" containing the homebrew titles that the Pre-Repair Check Disc checks for and deletes wiidump.7z\apps\pre_repairdisc\CheckForPreRepair_for_WUP\RVLSDK\build\tests\checkForPreRepair\white_blacklist\workspace\encryptlist\list\4.3CDE_fixed_EEPROM_issue\org\title_blacklist.txt
  • 32 different SD images to be used with sd_boot wiidump.7z\sdboot
  • SCad (SRD CAD), a program that Nintendo used to make sprites for games bbgames.7z\bbgames.tar\d1\routefree\bbgames\depot\marioAGB\graphic_data\srdcad
  • A build of boot2 which loads executable data placed at pages 0x80-0xAF of the NAND without any security check wiidump.7z\BOST.7z\BOST\WRITER\prebuild\block1_prod_MP3.bin