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ODEM (Optical Disc Emulator) is the software tool created by Hudson Soft to support the emulation of disc images on GameCube and Wii development kits (GDEV, NDEV and Revolution Emulator) which do not have a physical disc drive.

ODEM was originally created to run on Windows XP, but it can be used on newer versions of Windows if driver signing is disabled when the USB drivers are being installed.

The DvdRoot environment variable specifies the root filesystem for the emulated disc image which ODEM presents to the console hardware; the command "ndrun" (for NDEV) or "odrun" (for GDEV/RVL_EMU) can then be used to specify an ELF executable to run. With the console hardware connected over USB, the console will then reset with the emulated disc image being inserted into the drive. ODEM can also be used to reset the console at any time from the host PC.