Wii System Menu 1.0

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Wii System Menu 1.0 was the first publicly released version of the Wii System Menu, being released on early models of the Wii on launch day across all regions, except for Korea, which launched with a modified version of Wii System Menu 3.3. Very early models came with an unfinished system menu due to 1.0 not being ready at that time, and only consisted of a single basic program that would launch the inserted Wii Startup Disc and then install the copy of 1.0 stored on it.

This version of the system menu came with only three usable channels; the Disc Channel, the Mii Channel, and the Photo Channel. The Wii Shop Channel is present but cannot be launched, and the Forecast Channel and News Channel are merely dummy channels. The SD Card and network settings are also inaccessible, and updates must be done through game discs as there is no option in the settings to update the console.

Because of the somewhat unfinished nature of the system menu, Wii System Menu 2.0 was released the very same day, either already installed on consoles or distributed through the update partition on game discs.