Nintendo European Research and Development

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Nintendo European Research and Development (NERD) (formerly known as Mobiclip and ActImagine) is a company based in Paris, France that does technology R&D work for Nintendo.

NERD's most recent projects include:

As Mobiclip

Prior to being purchased by Nintendo and renamed to NERD, Mobiclip was a company that specialized in video codec technology for low-powered hardware.

Their codec was used on the Wii, DS(i) and the 3DS, along with mobile phones, Pixter by Fisher-Price, and Brother sewing machines. They also made mobile apps designed for streaming select TV channels.

Mobiclip claimed that their video format was designed to not drain battery. The format has been partially reverse engineered by the community. The Mobiclip SDK used for Nintendo consoles requires a license to use and the videos use the .mo file extension for Wii, .vx for DS, and .moflex for 3DS. All games that used the video codec had to include their logo on the title screen (DS) or the manual (Wii).